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Woo!!! I got a new review on Amazon! I e a shit ton Goodreads but not on Amazon so it's pretty good :)

Filename by Muerte23

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I love the sweet taste of your poison as it drips past my lips. Salivating acid, a wad of spittle embroidered with unbridled lust; raw with unpolished eroticism.
The aching pain brought about by abuse is dulled in this one moment of bliss. Sexual desire erodes all memory of torment.
Oh, how our bodies swell and connect. Forced puzzle pieces of entering and entered. We thrive on life, the shot of death you drove into me is all but forgotten. Your swears of cruelty onto me are drowned by your throbbing moans within my ears.
Scars of past copulations fade into oblivion. New ones take their place. Nails tear and teeth break my sin, as lust dissolves into a cannibal frenzy of severe passion. The fresh bruises you littered me with go numb. I feel nothing but the press of your firm breasts to mine.
I am lost in the feelings of bliss, the subtle bounce against me, a blow into tormented desire. Every one-sided thrust leaves me rupturing desperately for a climax, but I produce none. Dry is my shaft to peak, though I am rigor mortis hard. Pleasure still manages to shoot through my every nerve ending. My body cranks to produce the lubricant as yours does, but a desert in summer, I am a drought.
I wish to yell. I ache to moan. But woe, sweet, tormenting woe, I cannot. Your poison silences me. My lungs expel useless gasses with each ride of your pelvis onto me. I feel my pressure build within you, but you pay it no mind. Your tongue is too busy lapping away my life as it pushes past my lips and down my throat.
It delves deep. It strangles what little air comes through. Reflex tells me to choke and gag, but I cannot respond. Even with the reflex denied, what I want most is to wrestle your tongue. I want to taste you, to curl mine with yours, to swallow what you have to offer. I taste nothing. I move nothing.
I can’t help but think of the moments before this. There was always a cold shadow over you, always looking past me with glazed empty eyes. Even when you would beat me, there were quick sparks of life, quickly dead. Now I witness a life in you, a life I never knew existed.
I feel the growing warmth, as your wetness flourishes against the tangle of my pubic hair. Like rain to the desert that is me, you flood me with your unabashed pleasure. A monsoon, you cascade your body into me.
Deep in the recesses of your eyes, I see the awakened God complex consume you. Your stare burns past me, past my skin, past my being. I’m a toy. I am your toy.
You tighten on me. Never before had you allowed me to feel your zenith. Such rapture eclipses my thoughts, and I long to feel every inch of your flesh. Yet, all I can do is watch as your body moves from slight trembles to frantic shakes. Your sitting body arching upwards. Fingers wet from your juices, you caress your hardened nipples. Your hips buckle on me. Your moans echo loud and alone. For a moment I am reminded of a skipping record, as your high pitch wails of ecstasy repeat time and time again. It feels as though you’ll never end. Orgasm after orgasm, you push onto me.
Then, as though nothing of worth transpired, you unmount me. I slide forth from you, drenched in your solution, but none of my own.
From the corner of my eyes, I see you stretch. Your body curves and sways with each movement you make. Oh how I curse my unmoving body for keeping me blind to your full sight. You walk back to me, as almost as an afterthought, and catch sight of you grasping towards me.
It is not me you take hold of, but the knife handle. Was your poison not enough, I wonder. You pull on it, removing the damned thing from my heart. With it in hand, you walk away. Slowly the remains of my life leaks through the deep tear you left in my heart.
Dead and Lovin' It
Been a while since I've done anything really dark. This story feels like a take me back to my darkest story ever, Hell Bound. I don't want to keep resorting to a femme fatale concept though, so hopefully I can create a strong female character sometime in the near future. Don't want anyone getting the wrong idea, that i just write murderous or murdered women. that said, a reminder that ALL characters die doesn't matter gender. as the gunslinger states in Stephen King's Dark Tower "We deal in lead" well here i deal in words, but the concept is the same. Death is my job. :) 
If anyone is interested in more stories from me, my published work is here :… reviews are greatly appreciated, good or bad, i would love to hear your thoughts on my book of short stories When Angels Fail 
Tired cat by Muerte23
Tired cat
After seriously an hour of meowing and bugging me, this adorable little bastard finally fell asleep lol love my cat :)
listening to Ghost again (the Meliora album) and trying to find a way to the One-Sided Conversation story. 
dad recommended Operation: Mindcrime from Queensryche and may move to Tool and possibly Mastodon and Coheed and Cambria. gotta find the right sound for this coming set of stories. hmmmm 
Inspiration from the Inspired  by Muerte23
Inspiration from the Inspired
I'm so full of energy so full of ideas but with no way to focus them into a single coherent thought. So I'm breaking out the big guns, these books helped to get When Angels Fail crafted into a tighter feel than its original format. Hopefully this succeeds
so i tweaked my website a bit. I added a page that will show every review I've done, linking it to the blog with the full review. I even added some quotes (some from my book, others I just came up with) of my own. And pictures from my site for all the pages but the Book tab, since that one already has all the book covers. check it out if you like, and if you love to read all genres (cuz i'm not sticking to just one) then subscribe :) or if you just might be a fan of my writing and books...hehe. subscribe :) 


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United States
The icon of mine as well as the id pic (muerte23) was created by my good friend :icontheholyhell: :)
So starting fresh:
I am a self-published author. One book released so far (When Angels Fail, out on Amazon), am included in three anthologies, with more on the way.
I don't want to spam people with my book info or anything, but I'm excited about it. Writing is my life. It's everything to me.
I've experienced my fair share of shit, life has dumped on me, and I've dumped on me, and I take it all in passing, churning it into twisted realms of nightmarish fantasies.
I'm not perfect, 23 years old and still growing, still chiseling away at who I am, what I want. My name is Michael Benavidez. I love, I ache, I am an unintentional asshole, but intentions don't matter, it's what happens that does. And all of this turns my writing into what it is.
I try to promote other's works as well as my own. I want to create a community of writing, of art, of inspiration. I'm not exclusive to horror, or writing. So if you want to follow me, here's my here's my facebook like page:
so please look at my gallery, watch if you like what you see and i hope you enjoy it enough to check out my work. leave a review (good or bad), and help me grow as a writer, and a person.
That's all for today i think. i look forward to chatting with you all, i'm not shy :)

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